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Ad Film Makers in Mumbai

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Corporate Film Maker

Our Expert team of film makers can creatively brainstorm, strategise and come up with the most effective ideas for a corporate film..Read More


Ad Film Maker

Ad film making is our passion vision and mission. We aspire to make cost effective, technically savvy and aesthetically appealing ad films..Read More


Who are We?

Maverick films: One of the Best Ad film production houses in Mumbai

Maverick is a young film production house based out of Mumbai. It comprises of passionate professionals who are in sync with their social milieu and endeavour to create content accordingly.

The ad film company specialises in creating cost effective, intelligent and aesthetic content and meets all your advertising needs under one roof. As an ad film agency in Mumbai we work closely with the companies to understand their requirements and to find a solution for their requirements.

Ad videos offer an interactive way to engage the audience. To raise brand awareness, businesses frequently use commercials. There are many ad production companies in Mumbai that produce eye-catching advertising. Maverick films, is one of the best Ad film production houses in Mumbai making ad films and corporate films from the past 10 years.

Ad film production houses in Mumbai

Ad films’ influence can make a significant fortune. Ad films that are well-made can serve as a conduit between your creative ideas and the intended audience.

Apart from the increasing competition, Maverick has been one of the best ad film production houses in Mumbai. Maverick Films is made up of an experienced team who try to create content that is in tune with their social context.

The ad film house can handle all of your advertising requirements under one roof and specializes in producing economically sound, insightful, and aesthetically pleasing content. As a Mumbai commercial film firm, we collaborate closely with businesses to comprehend their needs and come up with a solution.

By providing innovative solutions to develop the campaign and producing a polished final result, Maverick has established itself as one of the best ad film producers in Mumbai. This distinctive quality places Maverick among the most well-known ad film production houses in Mumbai.

Understanding the Production House Process: From Script to Screen

Majorly there are 3 sections for a movie to reach its final stage. They are bifurcated into three process namely- pre-production, production and post-production. Let us begin:


A writer or screenplay consultant is hired as part of this procedure, followed by a director and production crew to prepare for filming. A variety of tasks must be completed throughout this phase, including casting performers, finding locations, and developing storyboards and filming schedules.


This is the time when the movie is really shot. The production house is in charge of coordinating all day-to-day activities on set, such as managing the crew and collaborating closely with the director to ensure that the film is created in accordance with the screenplay and the director’s vision for the movie.


Finally, the film is edited, sound and music are added, and special effects are added. When the film has been played for a test audience, it is improved depending on their response. Once in lifetime, everyone wants to visit this popular place known as the city of dreams-Mumbai. In Mumbai, it is impossible to stop yourself from grooving on Bollywood songs. People go bonkers with these super blockbuster films produced by such production houses in Mumbai. So in Mumbai you will not just find Film Production Houses in Mumbai as well as TV Production Houses in Mumbai.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs:)

Q1. What is a Production House?

Production house is a studio where all the films, ads or anything related to performing arts are created pouring out their creativity with the help of a highly professional team professed in respective disciplines.

Q2. What Services Do Production Houses in Mumbai Offer?

Production houses in Mumbai offer services such as to produce a film, ad film’s, commercial, corporate films, broadcasting and tv production as well as other media related work.

Q3. How Long Does it Take to Produce a Film with a Production House in Mumbai?

Depends on the demand of the movie script. On an average the time span taken to complete a movie is 1 year more than that of films that are blockbuster hits like bahubali, KGF , etc requires more time. It took almost 2 and half years to complete them. Talking about commercial ads that are on tv for 30 sec it can take upto 6 hours or even 2 days to finish it up. Depends on the project.

Q4. What is the Difference Between Film and TV Production Houses?

In film production house, it is a one go project that gets completed within a speculated time frame whereas in a TV production house it goes on until the director wants to end it. There are multiple series that come out in TV. Another major difference is the average annual pay scale. Pay varies depending on the production house producers and directors whom they are working with.

Q5. How to Choose the Right Production House for Corporate Film Production in Mumbai?

Today many corporates in Mumbai are looking towards corporate film production who are specialized in promoting services and products as per their requirements. So choose a production house in Mumbai that delivers what you need, have a background check of that company so that you will get to know about its past experience. It is beneficial to select an experienced and award winning film production house. Lastly, don’t miss out their working timing, commitments, making use of advance technology for better experience. Make use of all these tips to choose the right production for corporate fil production in Mumbai.

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