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Ad Film Makers in Mumbai

One of the best Ad filmmaker in Mumbai

  • Who is an ad filmmaker?

Ad filmmakers are the filmmakers who shot ad films for their clients and deliver them. We will help you find the best ad filmmaker in Mumbai. The ad films are promotional videos which can be music videos, long-format ads, or short-format ads. Their customers can be jewelry brands or sports brands. Ad filmmakers came up with an idea and work on it, from start to end. They write the scripts according to the brand and product, the shoot, and post-production work is also done by them and the ad films is delivered to the client.

They have a team of writers, directors, and camera persons to work on a project. Ad filmmakers have to come up with a marketing strategy to promote the brand through visual means. The ad should be serving the marketing purpose of the brand. The ad filmmaker has to look up various departments, like light, costume, art, and production department.

  • What is ad filmmaking?

Ad filmmaking is creative storytelling in visual form. The brand’s or product’s story should be shot and told in a classic way. The message through your video should be out and clear. You must have seen the Television Commercials of various brands from Nike, and Adidas to Cadbury. These all ads come under ad filmmaking. ad filmmaker is done by an agency, where they have all the set up of cameras, sets then various teams to work for a particular project. So, it is easier for them to come up with a great result. The ad should be engaging enough to attract the audience and the marketing purpose should be solved.

The departments come under ad film making –

  • Ideation/ creative team –

This team works on the ideas to be used in ads. The strategies to create an attractive ad to engage the audience. This team also works on the budgeting of the ad. Where to shoot, and with whom is also decided by them.

  • Pre-production –

This is where writers work on the ideas and write an engaging script. It is where the storyboard artists and the casting directors work.

  • Location or set department –

Where to shoot is being decided here as to how the set should be, all the things there will be required on the set are looked after by the set department. Set and location play a very important role in every film. The background helps to get the story and the emotion of an ad.

  • Camera Department –

The Cameraman, Cinematographer, DOP, Videographer, motion recorder, and their assistants work in this department. It all depends on how the shot comes. That’s why the camera department has the main responsibility of shooting the ad and getting the best shot.

Why us?

Maverick Films have been in the industry for the last 10 years. We’ve been creating various ad films and corporate films for our clients. We have the most efficient and intelligent team to work with us on different projects. Even if the ad film’s duration is less than a regular film, it takes the same effort for scripting, ideation, production, and post-production. The planning and budgeting should be proper.

The minute-long ad film is all you get to engage the audience, and Maverick is doing that with great dedication and getting the best results for each of its projects. You can visit our website to check our work samples in the ad and corporate films. The quality and speed of our service are what made us famous in the industry. The client just has to come to us with their products and we will do the rest. We have all the set up from the set, and camera to the editing setup and the professionals to work on them. If any time you need to make an ad film, we promise you the great help with quality outcomes.

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