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One of the finest corporate films houses in Mumbai

The use of traditional communication methods like pamphlets, brochures, mailers, websites, and trade shows has dramatically changed in recent years as internet promotion channels have proliferated.

The former is quickly becoming irrelevant since it has lost its allure and gloss. The most popular videos right now are short ones. Videos bind. Video emoticons.Corporate films have developed to engage viewers in a similar way to feature films.

Instead of DVDs, social media channels like YouTube, Instagram , WhatsApp, and Facebook are being used to spread the word about corporate films to a larger audience, extending their shelf life. As a result, corporate films have developed into a crucial marketing tool due to their easy consumption and clear deliver

What are corporate films?

Since the advent of TV ads more than 50 years ago, corporate films have existed. The expense of advertisements was high back then.

A 10-second ad alone would be outrageously expensive! Corporate entities or business houses would produce a 30-minute film showcasing their company’s overview, business model, production facilities, and last but not least, testimonials from the promoters and senior management. The latter was done to appease their egos.

These movies were referred to as corporate films. They would be expensive to produce and shot on 16 or 35-mm film. This is how corporate films got their name.

An audio-visual corporate communication that was commissioned solely for use by businesses, corporations, or organizations are known as corporate films.

It is usually the duty of the marketing or communications team, is frequently made for a particular business objective, and only sees a small audience. Corporate films contain instructional and informational videos as well as advertisements for products, services, and businesses.

Corporate films and other media communication are becoming more and more convergent as a result of advances in digital technology.

Today, broadcast television and strategies and styles can be used to generate a corporate film. In order to captivate people who are normally accustomed to current media, a corporate film may adopt popular subjects.

A corporate film production business is often in charge of turning a customer brief into a script and producing the video in accordance with the scheduled release date and schedule. The scope and length of the production are fully determined by the demands and spending limit for the video.

While some videos can be prepared with just the bare minimum of staff and equipment, certain large-scale corporate films with expenditures that are on par with or frequently more than those of TV advertisements invite levels of production compared to those of broadcast television.

The production process of corporate films

The following steps are commonly included in the development of corporate films: Storyboarding and scriptwriting are both part of the pre-production stage, which is the preparation stage. Budgeting for the entire process is also done during this step, between the client and the corporate film production business.

Stage of video production: This is the main execution phase, during which the video is filmed. The different components needed for the actual filming are brought in during this phase, including the camera crew, the director, and any actors or presenters.

In the post-production step, the filmed (live-action) video is assembled during the editing process. Any additional editing is done, including the insertion of audio voice-overs, visual effects, soundtracks, and/or animations.

Why us

Maverick films are one of the best and leading ad film production houses in Mumbai, for the past 10 years serving the industry with our top-notch team of crew to achieve our client’s goals. We provide services of corporate film and ad films for our clients, we know the emotional segment in filmmaking and unleash our creativity to hit the target audience with our service.

We are a corporate film production house, making all kinds of audio-visuals starting from client presentations to in-house staff training. We are committed to being one of the best corporate filmmaking in Mumbai. We provide our service of strategic thinking to filmmaking in minimalistic time adhering to the client’s goals.

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